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Pentalux® Bamboo Fly Rods


Welcome to Pentalux® rods, my name is Robert D. Smith and I am the creator and sole maker of these unique bamboo fly rods. There is no other rod shape in the world like the Pentalux®. An irregular polygon, this original asymmetrical pentagram design produces an improved strength to weight ratio to that of the traditional bamboo rod. This remarkable design combines the attributes of the quad, penta and hex shapes to make a most distinctive and smooth casting fly rod. Please inquire about an opportunity to try one.

Current Models

We stand on the shoulders of the masters who have come before us and as such, most of my rods are undeniably the direct influence of previous makers works, with the initial internal tapers from some of the more influential rods that I have had the pleasure to cast or fish. Pentalux® rods is a registered trademark. Its design has resulted in improved strength to weight ratios and exceptionally smooth rod actions by mixing three different strip shapes producing a unique and original rod action. Available models and designs continue to evolve - short rods under 7ft are no longer being offered - current rods:

--- - 6' 7" 3 wt midge rod 673RT - Initial tapers from an F.E Thomas taper -- limited production
--- - 7' 0" 5/6wt weighs 3 1/4 oz. smooth, powerful and accurate - based on a Sam Carlson taper 706CS
--- - 7' 3" 4 wt. Dry Fly rod weighs less than three ounces. Extremely fine tips - 734CS
--- - 7' 4" 4/5wt 3.1 oz. Standard trout rod developed on PA trout streams - personal taper - 744RS
--- - 7' 6" 4wt. Initial tapers from Martha Marie's personal Perfectionist built by Paul Young in '51
--- - 7' 6" 5wt 3 1/2 oz All around trout rod. 765RS Initial tapers from favorite Paul H. Young "Martha Marie"
--- - 8' 0" 6/7 Big water trout rod. 806CT - Crompton Taper - smooth, powerful and very responsive
--- - 8' 3" 4/5wt TP Travel rod 835TS - original taper
--- - 8' 4" 8wt Bonefish rod 848XT

All models are built with either the S or T design configuration - noted as the second letter in the model number. The S is used for many of the standard trout rods and offers a slightly deeper flexing rod action and a side bracing effect to the cast. The T shape offers the ultimate in strength to weight for the material. Please inquire for further details and information.


Standard / Options

Builders preference is for flame banded bamboo that is final tempered in an oven. Dark flaming and traditional even tempering also available. Blued nickel silver hardware over either a cherry or mahogany oil finished reel seat.  Other seasonal woods are optionally available. Reel seat cap is die stamped with SMITH Pentalux® logo and each section has the rods serial number cold stamped into the bamboo.  Vintage brown silk and nylon threads for guide and ferrule wraps with kevlar tipping at the base of handle and male ferrules on all S series rods and yellow for the T series Other options available.
Standard models are without a hook keeper.  Highest quality cork handles - Pentalux® rod shapes are determined by model with buyers preference standard.  Torzite stripping guide and tip tops standard with fine agate stripper guides optional with specific color choices optional. All rod models now use titanium recoil guides as standard with saltwater rods carrying Fuji Torzite guides throughout.   Please inquire for more details.



"...smooth and accurate, a pleasant casting tool." -Paul Eberhart.

-- on the 765RS: "This is the smoothest 7 1/2 ft 5wt I've ever cast" -Tom Moran

--- on the 744RS: "Elegant, wonderful five sided small stream rod."

"A quick little rod. This rod does everything you would want a 4wt. to do."

"Quite flexible but with power. A rod I could fish small dries with all day but could cast an attractor or hopper."

"The rod just keeps working!"

These comments were previously published having been received in the first few years of producing rods, and yes, Tom Moran gave me permission to use his comment but PLEASE NOTE: My client list is private. I do not believe in advertising through the comments or successes of my clients. I will never compromise the relationship.


Order Information

For further inquires or questions please feel free to send an email or call me directly at 201.790.3900 All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.